Together Housing Inc. started in January 2000 with the primary aim of enabling parents of the Rudolf Steiner School in Kingston, Tarremah, to be able to live next door to the school so that their children could easily walk to school and for others to participate in cultural and educational events held at Tarremah.

We have had regular fortnightly meetings since. These are both formal meetings driven by agenda and informal meetings where we meet to share ideas and socialize. We try to have a formal meeting once per month.

In spring 2001 we employed a solicitor to write a submission on our behalf to Housing Tasmania for 8 ha of land adjacent to Tarremah School (He also helped us incorporate at that time).

The submission was made with the help from the Department of Health and Human Services, and was submitted on 7th December 2001.

But as the submission was rejected, Together Housing Inc. moved to Lymington where we have 19 acres land waterfront to a beautiful sandy beach under the name "THiNC, Together Housing Inc. EMiTA Group". The Kingston group has dissolved for the time being, but could go ahead again, if enough people were interested.

The EMiTA land at Drip Beach, Lymington is privately owned, but we now have approval from Huon Valley Council for stratum titling it for holiday houses. Lymington is about one hour’s drive from Hobart.

Current Projects:

Building vegie/herb garden, sheds, fixing backhoe etc.


Together Housing Inc.
EMiTA, Drip Beach,
Lymington, Tas. 7109